Tiki Pets Dog Aloha Petites Grain Free Dry Food Baked Review



  • HIGH PROTEIN SMALL DOG FOOD – With 27% protein with real Chicken as the first ingredient, plus flavorful chicken liver

  • GRAIN FREE DOG FOOD – Grain-free carbohydrate sources from whole peas and lentils, not potatoes

  • NUTRIENT RICH SUPERFOODS – Ground whole flaxseed, pumpkin and salmon oil

  • BAKED, NOT EXTRUDED DRY FOOD – Gently baked dog food to preserve nutrients and flavor

Nestled on the west coast of the United States, the island of Oahu is home to the majority of Hawaii’s residents. The island is often called the “Garden Isle,” for its beauty and abundance of tropical flowers and greenery. Today, more than 75% of Oahu’s residents live in Honolulu, the capital city. Here, residents enjoy sandy beaches, emerald waters, and a wealth of outdoor entertainment and cultural attractions.
With only 2% crude protein, 14% crude fat, 12% crude fiber, and 29% moisture, these treats provide all the nutrients a dog needs for healthy digestion, and they’re packed with 44% more protein than a traditional baked treat. A blend of coconut oil, sweet potato flour and oatmeal also provide a boost of energy for active dogs. Plus, they’re baked, not extruded, which means you get great texture and flavor. Available in two sizes—the 15 oz. bag is perfect for medium to large dogs, while the 5 oz. bag is just right for smaller breeds.

Tiki Pets is the only high-protein, dog food available without grains or potatoes.

Product description:

Never underestimate a small dog – or his small kibble! Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Chicken Luau provides real, wholesome ingredients, fresh chicken, organs such as chicken liver, whole peas and lentils, packed into bit-sized kibble and baked to perfection, giving your small dog the flavor they want and the nutrients they need in every bite of dry food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers question and answer

Hello and thanks for reaching out and Tiki Dog Aloha Petites Dry Dog Food is made in Canada. We source our ingredients as close to the manufacturing plant as possible unless we cannot find an ingredient that meets our nutritional or quality specifications. Our choice is intentional as we want to be respectful of our impact on the environment. Chicken, Turkey and Duck are produced locally (canada). Herring is from the US and Lamb is from New Zealand. Overall, you’re furry friend will love this baked kibble because it is not ‘extruded’. Unlike most dry dog food formulas, Tiki Dog Aloha Petites is gently baked, not extruded, to preserve the high quality of the ingredients. Extruded kibbles are quickly formed and cooked by forcing ingredients through a tube with team and very high temperatures. This dog food also includes:
Are the dry food kibbles really dense and hard? My dog can only eat kibble that is easy to chew.
Hi! Our Tiki dog dry food is not non-GMO.

Customers Review

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100% satisfied

I recently got a new puppy (miniature dachshund). The breeder sent her home with a package of the food she was eating (a weird blend of a couple of different brands). I noticed right off that her stools were very soft and extremely smelly. I went to a local high-end pet store and talked to them about different dog foods. We settled on Tiki Dog Aloha Petites. I didn't change her all at once; I just mixed in a tiny bit of the new food with the old until I was able to put her on the Tiki Dog completely. Her stools are now firm and have very little odor. I am so pleased with this dog food. Her vet says she's very healthy; heart, lungs, skin & hair. I would highly recommend this dog food. Also, Amazon's price is about $2 less per 3.5 lb bag. I am now switching to the 10 lb bag which is an even better value.

Amazon Customer

FINALLY!! Picky pup is happy!

WOWZA!!! I can't even tell you how many different food products I have tried for my 14 week old bichon puppy. She is SO picky (just like her mama!) and she is only 3 lbs. I probably spent HUNDREDS of dollars trying different kibble and meals at this point, and she wouldn't touch any it! I was really panicking, but the vet just said she is super selective in the tastes she can tolerate. I ordered this because the vet recommended it for little picky eaters, and boy was he right! As soon as she saw the bag, she was already sniffing around. I put down a handful right in front of her and she ate all of it in two minutes. Then she was licking around the floor for more! Couldn't be happier! Thank you for making this product!

Fifties Fan

Please don’t discontinue Tiki Small Dog Dry Food!

Works real well for my dogs that have different issues with skin & tummy. Tiki works for all 4 of my little dogs.Mila Johnsongreat food!This is the best dog food I’ve ever bought for my lil dog! It is the only brand he actually likes. We alternate between the duck and chicken. Sometimes he gets the dry food with one of their mini wet food toppers. Other times I give him one of their wet meals.My dog was the pickiest eater ever he would pick his food out of his bowl and never finish a meal unless I added chicken or eggs to it. Now he eats it happily and runs to his bowl when I get his food out.Definitely should try!


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In conclusion, Tiki Pets dog food is loved by dogs, and tastes as good as it is made. It’s a treat to have this healthy treat available.