The Honest Kitchen Human Grade Wet Dog Food Butcher Block Review



  • COMPLETE & BALANCED FOR PUPPIES & ADULT DOGS: Serve as a complete meal or healthy topper to dogs of all life stages, breeds and sizes including adults, puppies and gestation.

  • WET DOG FOOD PATE: Kettle-cooked in small batches for a hearty, smooth texture.

  • WE SAY NO TO: This recipe contains no gums, carrageenan, feed grade ingredients, meat meals, fillers, GMO ingredients, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.

  • NATURAL & MADE IN THE USA: Butcher Block Pâté is made with ingredients you’d recognize from your own kitchen, and made in the USA with trusted sources from around the world.

Nothing screams “I’m not a dog person” like a butcher block full of animal bones. If you’ve ever been to a butcher shop, you know that these blocks of cured meat are the main attraction for pet owners. The bones are typically high in calcium and may be a good source of protein for your pup, but they may also be a toxic hazard to him. Playing with the bones can lead to broken teeth and even a broken jaw. That’s why the Honest Kitchen has created a food product that is a safe and sure bet for owners of all sizes of dogs. Here’s a look at the Honest Kitchen’s Puppy and Adult Dog Food Pates.
We can make all of your food dreams come true. We’ve perfected a new way to make ground dog food, and we’ve named it The Honest Kitchen. The way we make it, dogs have all the meat they need, and they get all the carbs they need. We’ve also made it grain-free, so if you give it to a dog with allergies, it won’t make them sick. And we don’t use any byproducts.
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Attention:Â Â This is the only brand of dog food that, when rated by professional dog food critics, has been named Best Dog Food by leading magazines and websites.

Product description:

We believe that health starts with human grade, whole foods. We teamed up with a chef to make this smooth, hearty pâté with cage free chicken and included super greens like kale and spinach. It’s a complete meal or healthy mix in that helps you boost your pup’s health and happiness from the inside out.

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You can ask the company but I would say 4-5 days.
Is this equivalent to PetFresh?
I have never tried Just Food… but I do use HK or Grandma Lucy’s dehydrated as well as the wet food from HK. When you change foods do so gradually starting with no more than 25% new food for at least 2 days then increasing gradually. If your dog is sensitive do it for several days at 25,50,75%

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CoCo Approved

The last time I tried Honest Kitchen was about 15 years ago when CoCo was one year old. At that time, I don't think they offered this Butcher Block Pate. Instead, I had bought a box of dry mix you combine with water. In CoCo's opinion, that one was a big fail, but I always wished he'd like an Honest Kitchen product since they make such high quality foods.CoCo is 16 years old on 4/1. He's had life long heart issues and is on 3 different medications. Meal time is also really important because I sneak his pills in there. For the last few years, he has been into the Cesar dog food. He really likes that but I also wanted to see how he feels about this food. Surprisingly, he appears to like it just as much as Cesars. The appearance and texture also remind me of Cesars, except I think the ingredients are probably much better.I plan to offer him both. Basically, at this stage whatever makes him happy! I just bought another 3-pack. When I bought this, I thought it might be a bit pricey, but it's really not too bad. You get 3 but each one is 10.5 oz., he couldn't eat it all in one sitting and one of them will last 2-3 meals. So, a 3-pack lasts me about 4 days. Happy with Honest Kitchen and glad I tried again.


ScrumdiddlYUMumptious says my dog!

My dog really enjoys this product. We use it as an enrichment snack and not a proper meal. I smush a spoonful in his licki-bowl, Lickibowl-mat, Toppl, Qwizzle, etc. to keep him occupied between meals. The box is unique and reminded me of when I moved elementary schools and my new school had bagged milk. The carton top tears better if you’re able to bend the perforation back and forth a few times. The box is more eco friendly than a metal can or plastic pouch/container so I fully support that initiative. It doesn’t say to store in the fridge after opening anywhere on the product but I tossed it in to make sure it stays good.The aroma is more pleasant that most canned dog foods but there is a little “gravy” in the carton that is congealed a bit so the ick factor is still there for me. However, I know what is in it and I don’t know or like what is in most other wet foods. We have this on a subscription plan so that we have it on hand because we do an enrichment or two every day depending on our schedule. Just don’t forget to calculate those calories out of your pet’s main meals. Overall, flavor, scent, packaging, price and ingredients are great. The Honest Kitchen makes some good treats!

Scots-Irish Lass (terri)

I Thought I Found The Miracle to Encourage Senior Dog to Eat - Now It's Unavailable

My almost 17 year old girl has been an Honest Kitchen dog for over 10 years. Now that she quite elderly, she let me know she was done with her usual meals and needed something exciting to keep her interest in food. Seeing as Honest Kitchen helped her get to her advanced age, I did not hesitate to try this product.Smells great, ingrediants are perfect - for ONCE no sweet potatoes (which appear in 99.9% of 'healthy' food) which is a dangerous allergen to another dog in the household. No stomach upset AT ALL!Medications went down like a dream! Every scrap disappeared off of her plate when I mixed some of the Beef blend into her rehydrated Keen. We both were delighted! I put it on our Subscribe and Save.And then. like too many successful pet products on this site, it became UNAVAILABLE.What gives?This product came on the market in May 2020. A scant 13 months ago and now it's an unknown if it shall return. And all before my first Sub&Save was shipped.Praying it comes back. My girl is depending on it.Catherine CromackThe pickiest dog in the world likes itIf there were an illustration for “picky” in the dictionary there would be my dogs face. Since her regular food (vital pet beef and bison) has become difficult to find I have spent a fortune trying to find something she will eat, she’s turned her pointy little nose up at everything. Tara is 11 and very active, I want to feed her high quality and well sourced ingredients. I gave Butcher block pate a try based on ingredients and reviews. Well, it smells pretty good, the texture passes muster (she doesn’t eat chunks??). So far so good, she’s cleaned her bowl two days in a row now. I’m going to give the other flavors a shot. Do I like the price? Not so much but what can ya do! If she’s happy I’m happy!


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In conclusion, we find that the recipes are simple and the ingredients are easily obtainable. The recipe for the kibble is a bit too wet for our taste, but the results are still tasty. The pate is a great alternative to kibble if you are looking for something that your pet can enjoy as a meal.