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  • SIMPLE AND PURE: Baked exclusively with wholesome, natural ingredients and never anything artificial. Each recipe offers locally sourced ingredients and a delicious mix of flavors that lets you give even the pickiest dog an easily digestible snack or treat. Our breakable biscuits are light, crunchy, and satisfying for all dogs — from small breed dogs to large breed dogs, and puppies to seniors.

  • HUMAN-GRADE: Made with all-natural ingredients, like Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour and 100% natural peanut butter, these biscuits are human grade for a product you can feel great about giving your best friend.

  • FREE FROM: These tasty dog treats contain no gluten, wheat, dairy, or grain. Made with no GMOs, BHA, BHT, preservatives, artificial colorings, or artificial anything.

  • LIMITED INGREDIENTS: All flavors have no more than 7 ingredients and are great for sensitive dogs. Choose from a variety of flavors, offering vegan dog treats, holiday treats, and multipacks. Great for senior, puppies, or sensitive dogs.

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At the Portland Pet Food Company, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality or nutrition. With every product we make, we strive to create delicious and healthy alternatives that are simple and pure. We’ve made everything from the original all natural dog biscuits to old fashioned beef jerky, to homemade treats for our furry friends. While at the heart of everything we make is premium, wholesome ingredients, we also know that there are tons of dogs that aren’t as finicky as we are about their nutrition, so we also offer products for dogs that are less picky. We take pride in our products, and our dogs take pride in their every choice. We hope you’ll feel the same way.
These all natural dog treats are made with ingredients from all-natural sources. They are baked in small batches. These treats contain no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no chemical additives. The company is based in Portland, Oregon.

All our foods are formulated with the same attention to detail as our baked goods to ensure that our dog foods have the same exacting quality as our daily treats and baked goods.

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Garbanzo bean flour, pumpkin, peanut butter, molasses and cinnamon.
Are these soft and chewy or hard and crunchy?
These are 1 inch twice baked treats that are great for dogs of any size.

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Beth H.

My Aging Lab Loves Them

I had been feeding my 15 year old Lab pumpkin purée with his nightly meal to improve stool consistency. However, he is in renal failure and suffered a severe kidney infection. During treatment, he lost his appetite & subsequently became a picky eater. I am very hesitant to make changes to his diet since he is eating again. However, I felt the pumpkin might help with the stool issue. Thus, I began my search for a treat with high concentration of pumpkin. I stumbled across this one, and my dog loves them. They are hard & crunchy, but they easily break into. Even though he has difficulty eating some items, he has no problems with these treats. He loves the taste & gobbles them up. I accomplished my purpose. Thus, they are worth the money tome. They smell fresh & look fresh. The bag is resealable to insure they remain fresh. Great product that I highly recommend.

Jennifer Brewington

Peetie Approved

I like how when you open the bag of these treats you're not hit with a disgusting smell that you get with other treats. The Bacon Biscuits smell quite good actually kinda like cookies.I love how there are only 4 ingredients & are gluten-free, grain-free and wheat-free which is great cuz my dog has major skin issues and allergies. I recommended these treats!!! My dog loves them!!They do seem to be a little bit more spendy than other treats but when you look at the ingredient list compared to any other treats then I think they are spot on. It's such a pure product & if you compare it to any other human grade treats you will see its a great price for the quality of treat you get!!! I will be buying again!!Thank You Portland Pet Food Company for such a wonderful product!!

Jennifer Brewington

Puppies love them

We just got two puppies & want to feed them healthy food & treats. I am an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach &. a label reader. I was so happy to find these treats. At first, our puppies didn’t know what to do with them. They would just smell them, pick them up, then drop them & walk away. I couldn’t believe it because I thought they smelled great. I tried again a few hours later & one of our puppies started eating it, which made the other one eat his too. Now they beg for them. So glad I found these! I bought the pumpkin, because of tummy issues from the change of environment. These did not affect their tummies in a bad way at all. If anything, it might have helped because of the pumpkin. I will be trying the others as well. Thank you Portland Pet! Our boys love your treats & I love the healthy aspect!MarlaHVery TastyMy furry kids love these treats. (They smell good to me too. Does anyone remember Rye-Krisp?) The only thing I have any issue with is I wish they had nutritional value on the package. My big boy is on a diet so I'm trying to limit his fat and calorie intake. He is 136 pounds so he and his little sister get about 4-6 each a day. We have two other flavors by the same company. It's nice to see a gluten free option for those sensitive to corn, wheat, etc. I've been making their treats and using alternative flours but I like to keep a back up because if you run out of treats you get the "what's the matter with you, are you an idiot? look".


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You can’t go wrong with a recipe that’s been around for more than 100 years. And while you might have to try a few times and adjust ingredients, once you’ve figured out how to make them, you won’t find a better brand of dog treats anywhere.