IRIS USA 3 Piece Airtight Food Storage Container Combo with Review



  • The plastic airtight container is the ideal solution for storing dry food or treat for dog, cat or other pets

  • Pet food bins have airtight seals and snap lock latches to keep moisture and pests out and locks in freshness of pet food and treat

  • 12 QT storage container stacks on top of the 33 QT storage container and included scoop makes measuring food easy

  • This set includes one 33 quart bins, one 12 quart bins, one matching 2 cup food scoop and one set of wheels

Begin by picking the right dog food for your dog’s health and weight. Every dog is different, so it’s important to choose a high-quality dog food made with healthy ingredients, such as those found in our IRIS USA dog foods. Our line of IRIS Flavor Boosters can give your dog the extra boost of great taste that it needs to meet their nutritional needs, and our IRIS USA 3-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container Combo with Scoop for pet, dog, cat and bird food is a great choice for those who want to be sure the food is kept fresh.
This is the ultimate in pet food storage. Containing three purpose built containers, these containers set aside food and water for a dog’s meals and extra water for his health. It’s a must for any dog owner!
When it comes to airtight food storage, most options on the market just won’t do the job. We’ve all lost food before because we forgot to take it out of the fridge for a few hours. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The IRIS USA 3-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container Combo with Pump is just what you’re looking for, and it’s easy to use.

We've teamed with celebrity vets and dog trainers to make sure each batch of our food is made from the finest ingredients, and with the care and attention to detail it deserves.

Product description:

IRIS plastic airtight container combo includes one 33 quart sealed storage container, two 12 quart sealed storage container, one matching 2 cup food scoop and one set of wheels for your pet food storage needs. The sealed storage container features a foam seal and snaps lock latches to keep pet food fresh and keep pests or moisture out. Designed as pet food bins, these BPA free airtight storage bins offer many other uses as well, such as leash and toy storage, pellet storage, grain storage, birdseed storage, cat litter storage, or even as a charcoal container. The small food storage bin neatly stacks on top of the large one, and the translucent bodies allow content levels to be checked at a glance. This airtight pet food container combo is versatile, functional, and the wheels allow for easy mobility between any areas in the house. The 33QT Container Holds up to 25LBS of dry pet food and 12QT Container Holds up to 10LBS of dry pet food or treat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers question and answer

These are a hard plastic and in my home conditions with 2 dogs, does not scratch. One dog pushes/taps the bin when he knows it is feeding time. No marks or scratches. I keep a variety of treats in the top bin, and as long as you keep them tightly closed, (I use clothes pins to keep bags tightly closed as resealable pouches seem to break.) There is no cross aroma between the milk-carton type and the pouches. Some things I empty out and keep treats in better resealable bags simply to keep the bin clean. I empty the large dog food bags into the bottom, and there is aroma, but it doesn’t travel up to the top. I did a smell test for you and there is no aroma odor on the plastic. We used to have different dog foods because of one dog needing softer food because she was old, and I just kept them in large zip bags. The smaller batches in the zip bags remained soft and fresh. No cross contamination between the bags and the poured in crunchier dog food. Overall, this has been a very good food container. The seals are really tight. And, if you change up food, I would just recommend washing out the bin with a very mild detergent or just plain water and drying thoroughly before spilling in the new food. I love this bin as it has made my kitchen so much more organized!
Will this hold 25lbs of peanuts?
The bottom is about 16 3 /4 tall (not inc. the wheels-they add about 2 inches) and about 13 3/4 deep. The containers taper slightly at the bottom. It is about 8 inches across the front. The small container is about 6 1/2 inches tall with same depth and width as the large container.

Customers Review

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Veronica Hatton

Not sure how I feel about it lol

This was a definite case of ‘It looked bigger in the pictures’ lol Wheels popped right on. In the picture for size reference is ouR kitchen trash can, our normal 40# bag of dog food and our 15# cat lolI can’t speak for the freshness or ‘air tightness’ of the containers as we go through pet food fairly quickly with 3 dogs, 2 indoor cats and 10 barn cats lol There is no extra sealing rim in the containers, they just close like the plastic storage containers you normally buy.I purchased this as the new indoor cat we recently got has figured out how to open the pantry doors and helps herself to the cat food. The cat food container does seem to sit well on top of the larger container but doesn’t snap down or sit in channels.It slid into our pantry perfectly in the place where I normally put the 40# dog food bag.The scoop is large and is marked.I do think it will serve its purpose, just thought it’d be bigger lol

Veronica Hatton

Perfect container combination, airtight,fresh food. Highly recommended

This is a perfect container for cat food,dog food. I use the smaller one for my cats hard food,and the bigger one for the dog food.The smaller one holds 8lbs, the bigger 25lbs. I own 2dogs, 2cats. And this is perfect for what we need. If you have limited space where you live then this is still a perfect buy. I have mine placed next to my refrigerator. The canister wheels are great for you to move with ease, they also have a snap tight lid with seals to keeps food fresh. I enjoy the clearness of the containers so I know how low their food is getting. I really like the scoop, I use this for the dog food,have a cup for the cat's food. It does come in a variety of colors, but I prefer the blue. Although the price may be different depending on the color you choose. You can stack them,but please note that they do not stick together to stack. The smaller one will sit on top oof the large on but their are not grooves to hold them together to keep from sliding off. So if you have small one's in the house that get a little carried away. Set the smaller container down on floor. Otherwise you might have a mess.All in all I have been enjoying this purchase and would definitely recommend this to you. Their are way more pros than cons. And if you don't want the wheels on the large container you do not have to place them.PROS-STURDY TO HOLD THE FOOD ,AIRTIGHT WITH SEAL, FRESH FOOD, CANISTER WHEELS FOR MOVING Can be used with or without wheels,CAN PLACE CAT FOOD,OR DOG TREATS IN SMALL ONE, LARGE ONE FOR WHATEVER IS NEEDED, NO MORE BAGS TO DIG OUT OF, SCOOP,CLEAR CONTAINERCONS- NO RIDGEDALE BOTTOM OF SMALL ONE TO STACK ONTO LARGE ONE

D.Seevers & wife

Great pet food storage bin set and priced right.

I bought this to store my birdseed and it works perfectly. I use the larger bottom bin to store the bulk of my seed mix which I buy in 15 pound bags. The larger bin holds the seed with room to spare. I could probably fit two bags of seed in it. The smaller bin I use exclusively for black oil sunflower seeds in roughly 5 pound bags. The small bin holds those perfectly. The included 2 cup measuring scoop is handy and an added plus.I like the fact that the bins stack pretty decently. They seem solidly constructed. The pop-in wheels are hard plastic and roll OK on concrete. They are not really heavy duty but for casual use they are probably fine. The lids are hinged and do not come fully off the bins. Some may not like that and only time will tell if the lid hinges hold up. There is a tab on the front that releases the lid so it can open. The first few times using these bins I found myself trying to use those as handles to roll the bin towards me. Don't do that, the tabs will just flip up like they do if you're opening the lids.These bins are a good deal. My local big box pet store wanted more money for their storage options and I didn't like theirs as much as this set.D.Seevers & wifeLooks Small, But Holds Enough!The media could not be loaded.


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In conclusion, I’ll say that IRIS brand has a pretty good reputation for making clean, good for your pet dog food. IRIS uses human-grade ingredients and is free of preservatives, by-products and artificial flavors. While IRIS is not the cheapest dog food on the market, it’s made with high quality ingredients, which are the first essential step to good health.