Cesar Simply Crafted Meal Topper, Wet Dog Food Variety Packs Review



  • Contains sixteen (16) 1.3 oz. tubs of CESAR SIMPLY CRAFTED Wet Dog Food Cuisine Complement: (8) chicken, carrot, potato, and peas (8) chicken, sweet potato, apple, barley and spinach

  • Made with 5 ingredients or less for a wholesome addition to any meal with more flavor and less filler

  • Our recipe’s first ingredient is chicken—a favorite among furry best friends

  • No artificial colors, flavors, fillers, or preservatives—just simple wholesome ingredients your dog will love

CESAR Simply Crafted, a premium pet food brand, has been crafting pet food for over 30 years from premium ingredients, combining science and quality to ensure pets have the best, most nutritious food for them. CESAR Simply Crafted is committed to helping pets live long, healthy lives, by offering a wide variety of pet-friendly food, snacks, and treats.
The Cesar Simply Crafted Meal Topper is a dog food supplement that provides nutrients to dogs in need of a little extra nutrition and a healthy alternative to kibble. It provides an ideal meal topper for any food-based diet and contains delicious chicken, sweet potato, apple and barley as well as carrots, peas and potatoes. It’s perfect for any food-based diet, and contains less than 5% of grain, gluten and soy, and it’s made with real chicken, sweet potato and apples, carrots and peas.
We’ve searched high and low for high-quality products and companies that are committed to sustainable practices and manufacturing in the USA. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Cesar to bring you this versatile Wet Dog Food Topper. Cesar Simply Crafted Meal Toppers are the perfect way to add an extra dose of protein, vitamins and minerals to your dog’s meal.

The CESAR SIMPLY CRAFTED Wet Dog Food Cuisine is the perfect way to combine wholesome ingredients and the great taste of CESAR with your pets’ favorite brand of food.

Product description:

Dogs love the great taste of CESAR Wet Dog Food. CESAR SIMPLY CRAFTED Complements Tubs were designed to give dogs a simple and tasty meal complement. Add our real chicken and wholesome, quality-ingredient moist dog food recipes to any complete and balanced meal as a healthy topper. SIMPLY CRAFTED is designed with no artificial colors, flavors, fillers, or preservatives, and is always served in convenient tubs with no-fuss, easy peel freshness seals, making meal-time easy. The CESAR Brand is always looking to unlock more shared moments of joy between you and your furry friend.

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The label says it is a product of Thailand.
Can you feed this to puppies who are less than 3 months old?
It doesn’t show on the box…I really don’t know. I would go to their website for the phone number.

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Real chicken and veggies

Ok first off I want to say my dogs don’t like dog food whatsoever and I usually make chicken and rice for them then I found this with limited ingredients and no artificial flavors or colorings all natural and they absolutely LOVE IT. I gave it a 3 stars in the value for money only because they are little and I wish they were bigger because it is kinda expensive but I can get past that because my dogs are eating it and loving it. Finally a good natural dog food you can buy that doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Job well done


One of my Chis loves these!

One of my chis had several teeth removed. I felt really bad for her, thinking she would have a difficult time enjoying here meals. I have tried various soft/wet foods for her, but she didn't really care for many of them. However, when I gave here these, she was eating with a gusto! She ate them quickly and I could tell she really loved them! They are a little pricey, but I guess they are worth it. When you open them up, they look like they actually contain real chicken. They smell delicious and I'm guessing are pretty tasty. If your dog is a finicky eater, this may be a good solution.


Expensive but it’s the only food for his colitis

My best friend in the whole world has a serious colitis issue. Since he was a puppy he could never process regular dog food. It broke my heart to watch him have dysentery every time, every day. I love him so much and to watch this suffering was killing me inside. I felt I was betraying his love by not trying harder to help him. I tried making food by hand from the meat section and trying many different recipes. Chicken seemed to agree with his stomach the best but only chicken would cause issues. Luckily he is a small 7lb jack russel/poodle mix so it does not take a lot to fill his tummy.I work most of the day and it’s not always easy to feed my buddy the best of the best food. After buying a box of this food and feeding him a few days I found that his condition improved and best of all he eats it like he wants to fill his tummy. I’ve never seen him eat like this, ever. I wish I could have made him food that he wanted to eat this badly.When I made him food. he’d always eat just a little bit at a time and he was very skinny. People would comment that I don’t feed him enough and even say I’m abusing him because he was so thin. They had no clue how often I’d make him food only for him to walk away and not eat. Some times for 1 or two days.Let me be clear that I am not paid or Incentivized in anyway by this company I am merely giving my personal experience in the hopes that someone in my situation may find a solution to a very difficult problem.I first started feeding him the chicken, carrots, potatoes and peas but I started buying the 2 variety pack with beef, checked, purple potato’s, green beans and red rice. He loves them both but it was expensive feeding him only these. $10 plus per day. I can afford and I was willing to spend that money for my buddy but I knew I could do better so I got a rice cooker and started cooking and adding organic brown rice to his food and I was able to get him down to 4 cups a day with brown rice as the filler. He has never been healthier and he has gained 3 pounds and is not at. Heathy weight for his size. He had nice healthy stools now and I can ever give him small treats without upsetting his stomach.If your pup is in this situation. It’s worth a try. Feed your dog good food. Not dry processed garbage that’s designed to sit on a shelf for years and not spoil. We have been tricked into feeding our dogs cancer causing food. We are killing them and not evening knowing it.N8 - Honest ReviewerLarger portions were needed. She loves it thoComes in smaller portions than I needed, but she absolutely loves her food. No more letting food set out and ruin . She's very picky eater and this she pranced and twirls for like she does her treats.. Just needed larger portions to last a month. So price value is a little on the expensive side when I'm feeding her twice a day. Normally she'd eat once a day to her own choosing. Happy dog- happy furmama


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In conclusion, I will say that this product does what it claims. It does what it claims to do. It is a well-made product. And the fact that it is completely hypoallergenic and gluten-free, is really what appealed to me the most. I have no reason to believe that it is not as good as it claims to be. It tells me what it is, what it is made of, and what it is supposed to do. And that is all that