How Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?


Have you ever wondered why your dog comes running to you every time he sees you? We all like to think our dogs love us, but the truth may be that they love only one person in the household – and it’s not you!

Read on to learn more about the unique bond between dogs and their favorite person and how they recognize them over other people in their lives.


Science Shows That Dogs Choose One Human

Like people, dogs also have a preferred person that they view as their best friend. This dog-human bond often grows into a special relationship with lots of physical affection, mutual play, and companionship.

Some researchers say it’s not unusual for an owner to wonder whether his or her dog has chosen him or her as their favorite person in return. But how can you tell if your dog prefers you over other family members?

Here are some signs to look out for. 

Follow these tips below and learn more about how to identify your pup’s favorite human companion.

Observe your dog’s behavior: Are there any consistencies in its interactions with different people? A study published in Animal Cognition revealed that most pet dogs had a clear favorite human who received more affection than others when offered food during testing sessions.

The researchers found that dogs were able to distinguish between familiar humans, but they weren’t able to tell them apart based on facial features alone. So if you notice your dog always seems happy to see you, it could be because he or she views you as their favorite person.

This is especially true if your dog only interacts positively with you—and not other family members—when receiving treats. Another sign that can indicate your dog has chosen you as his or her favorite person is a lack of interest in interacting with strangers.

If your pooch greets everyone at home happily but becomes hesitant around unfamiliar faces, it might be because he or she doesn’t feel comfortable around other people yet. You should also pay attention to your dog’s body language.

Some experts say dogs are capable of showing love through physical contact, so look for signs that show your dog is cuddling up to you more often than anyone else.

In addition, watch for signs that show your pup wants to spend time with you above all else; maybe he or she follows you from room to room while keeping an eye out for fun activities together.


5 Ways to Become Your Dog’s Favorite Person

In order to be a dog’s favorite person, first, you have to learn how dogs choose their favorite people.

Read on for five ways to show your pup that you are his/her number one person!

  1. Be consistent with rewards and discipline: If your dog is learning something new, such as walking nicely on a leash or coming when called, be sure to give praise and treats every time he does it right. If he’s doing something wrong, don’t hesitate to correct him firmly but not harshly; consistency is key in teaching a new behavior.
  2. Let them sleep next to you: Many dogs feel most comfortable sleeping next to their owner at night—especially if they haven’t been trained otherwise—so let them curl up by your side so they can feel safe and secure while they sleep.
  3. Feed them from your plate: A great way to bond with your pet is by sharing food together—you can even use some tasty morsels as training treats!
  4. Don’t get angry at them: When your dog makes a mistake, take it easy on him. While it may seem harsh, yelling or punishing your dog will only make him fear you and become less likely to obey in future situations.
  5. Don’t forget about playtime!: Regular exercise helps both humans and dogs stay healthy and happy, so take some time each day to engage in playful activities with your four-legged friend.


Spend plenty of time with your dog

A dog’s favorite person is not necessarily its owner. The answer lies in how you interact with your pet. If you devote quality time to your dog every day, then they will be more likely to form a strong bond with you. You can also strengthen your bond by playing fun games together!

Take turns hiding treats around your house and let them find them all before dinnertime. This game helps to build trust between you and your pup, as well as gives them a great workout (they have to run around for hours!). Another way to make your dog feel special is to let them sleep on your bed or couch.

Not only does it give them a sense of security, but it allows you to get closer than ever before! It’s important that dogs understand who their owners are so that they don’t show aggression towards others. One way to ensure that they know who their favorite person is?

Spend plenty of time with them!


Show Love Through Touch

The most important thing you can do is show your dog love through petting, hugging, and holding. Even if he’s not licking your face or begging for food, your dog is still trying to communicate with you. Dog owners sometimes assume their pets are doing okay when they see them eating and sleeping normally.

But just because a dog looks healthy doesn’t mean he feels loved by his favorite person! That’s why it’s so important to spend quality time with your furry friend every day. Give him belly rubs, give him hugs, play fetch—it all counts!

In fact, one study found that dogs who receive more attention from their humans have higher levels of oxytocin in their blood—the love hormone that helps us bond and feels close to our friends. So cuddle up next time you watch TV together; it could make both of you happier!


Offer Affection

Studies have shown that people who act affectionate toward their dogs are more likely to be treated well in return. If you want your pup to pick you as his favorite person, make sure he knows you love him! Don’t forget to give him plenty of belly rubs and petting.

Some dogs enjoy a nice head scratch or ear tug, too. If you’re trying to win over an older dog, it might take some time for him to warm up to you. Be patient and consistent with your affection; eventually, he should come around.

And if you notice any hostility from your furry friend, don’t worry—it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. He just needs some time to get used to you! (Read here how dogs choose their owners)


Speak in Soft Tones and Low Volume

The first thing to remember is that a dog’s hearing is far more sensitive than our own. Just as you would never shout at a person, you shouldn’t shout at a dog. To communicate effectively with your pooch, speak in soft tones and lower volume.

The quietest dogs are often those who are understood best by their owners. Speaking quietly doesn’t mean muttering or whispering; it just means using your indoor voice when speaking to your pup.


Practice Patience

Patience is key. Dogs need to feel comfortable and safe in order to form a bond, so you have to give your dog time to settle into their new home before asking for too much. Once you’ve accomplished that, spend time with your dog and encourage play.

Most importantly, don’t leave them alone for long periods of time or they may develop separation anxiety. That can be dangerous if not treated properly! Also, some dogs take longer than others to warm up to people; I had one who took about three months before he started warming up to me.

Just because it doesn’t happen overnight doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all!

It can take several weeks for dogs to adjust, but eventually, most will come around if you stick with it. It just takes patience and perseverance on your part!

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