Five of These Cat Personality Types

Cats are trying to take 'selfie' by the window.

Cats are among the most popular pets in the world. There are so many different types of cat personalities.

As well as individual traits, you can easily find one that suits your own personality and interests perfectly.

This article describes five of the most common types of cat personalities you may come across while sharing your home with cats.

Check out the list to learn more about the possibilities, and remember—all cats are individuals.

So don’t be surprised if you discover your own kitty has some interesting quirks of her own!


The Human Cat

This is your stereotypical indoor cat that loves to be with his human family and spends most of his time indoors.

For a cat, these guys are usually friendly and affectionate.

They like being close to their humans and will follow them around as if they were a dog.

More than likely, he’ll be one of those cats that like to sleep on your bed at night because he wants to keep you warm—even if it means making you move over for him!

He’s more than happy to sit in your lap while you watch TV or even take a ride in your car with you.

As long as he can stay close to his favorite people, he’s happy.

The only problem is when there isn’t enough attention for him; then all bets are off! If you ignore him too much.

He may just decide to go find someone else who will pay attention to him.

Even though he’s very social, he might also have some issues with other animals and may not get along well with other felines.

If that happens, don’t worry—he still has plenty of love left over for his favorite person (you!).


The Cantankerous Cat

Known as one of The Big 5 personality types, cantankerous cats are known for being bitter and disagreeable.

This personality type is dominant, intelligent, and stoic. They tend to get on well with others but prefer solitude whenever possible.

To gain a cantankerous cat’s favor, it is vital that you show respect.

Provide consistency in your schedule and surroundings, and be aware of what he or she wants from you at all times.

Don’t try to change them; they don’t want you to do that anyway.

If they are unhappy about something, speak up!

It may seem like an argument is brewing, but don’t worry: cantankerous cats will eventually tell you exactly what they want.

If they feel respected and cared for by their owner(s), they will return these feelings tenfold.

If ignored or mistreated, however…watch out!

Cantankerous cats can become unpredictable when upset.

As long as you give them space and make sure they have everything they need, though, there should be no problem.


The Hunter Cat

This feline is one independent kitty who doesn’t require much attention from his human companion.

And, if he does get too close, he might claw you. Be careful!

The Hunter Cat would make a great pet for an active single professional who lives in a home with a large backyard and maybe a dog or two.

In other words, if you’re looking for a mellow cat to cuddle up with while watching Netflix on your iPad in bed, it might be best to look elsewhere!

That said, if you’re looking for a spirited kitty to spend some time playing with every now and then, they are also quite entertaining.

We recommend giving a hunter cat plenty of space as well as things like ropes or branches to climb so that they can feel more like their wild counterparts.

Don’t worry about training them – they already know how to hunt!

If you do decide to keep one as a pet, just remember that they don’t like being picked up very often.

That said, if you find yourself in need of an emergency cuddle session, these cats are known for snuggling right back when given a little attention and affection.

A Hunter Cat is ideal for an individual who lives alone and enjoys having pets around but doesn’t have much time to spend with them.


The Cat’s Cat

The cat that gets along with everyone.

This friendly guy or gal is happy to meet you and also be your friend.

Most popular cats are likely The Cat’s Cats—they come into every situation with an open mind and a positive attitude, making friends wherever they go.

And since they enjoy being around people so much, they often end up owning humans rather than vice versa!

They’re great for families with kids because they love playing games and getting attention.

They also get along well with other pets in their household, even if those pets aren’t as sociable as them.

But sometimes these cats can get too comfortable with strangers, which can put them at risk for danger.

Teach your children not to pick up any strange animals, including cats, without permission from parents first.

It’s also important to make sure that The Cat’s Cat always has his or her own litter box and never has access to areas where small children might be unsupervised.


The Inquisitive Cat

The Inquisitive is a long-haired black cat with an incredibly curious nature.

Inquisitive cats tend to do everything their own way, and they’re often not satisfied until they understand how a machine or piece of furniture works.

Or until they’ve learned how to open a door by themselves.

You might even call them slightly naughty because they are easily bored, making it nearly impossible for Inquisitive to follow rules or instructions if it means sticking to something boring.

It’s just not in their nature! Inquisitive cats also love to play games; puzzles are one of their favorite ways to pass time.

They’ll spend hours trying to figure out how to get treats out of boxes or trying different combinations on a puzzle toy until they can finally get that treat!

Because Inquisitives have such active minds, you may find yourself wondering where your Inquisitive went when you come home from work at night.


Why Does It Matter What Type of Personality Your Cat Has?

So why should you care about what type of personality your cat has?

While you may not have much direct impact on how your cat behaves, it can have a significant impact on how you interact with them.

Knowing their personalities will help you develop a better relationship with them and provide you with an easier method for training them.

Even if they aren’t so good at obeying your orders, as long as they know who’s boss it doesn’t matter so much.

And besides, every cat is different; even within each category, there are variations in behavior that are unique to each individual.

They’re all individuals after all!


Understanding Your Cat Better

Cats can be mysterious creatures and understanding your cat better is a great first step to building a strong relationship with them.

Cats are incredibly social animals, but they also love their space.

So it can sometimes be difficult to strike a balance between giving your cat enough attention while not disrupting their natural instincts.

Understanding your cat’s personality type can help you learn how to better communicate with them.

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