10 Ways Your Cats Show That They Love You

cute cat lies on a white bed and sleeping surrounded by bright red hearts

Cats are mysterious creatures and one thing that is peculiar about them is their love for their owners.

They don’t necessarily show this love with their words and expressiveness, but their behavior does.

As humans, we can’t really understand the various subtle signals that cats show with their behavior.

But this blog gives you 10 ways in which your cat is actually showing their love for you.


1. Purring

Cats are known for being independent and aloof, but they also have a lot of love to give – and they show it in many different ways. One of the most common and obvious ways that cats show love is through purring.

Purring is a low, rumbling sound that cats make when they’re content and happy. It’s often seen as a sign of affection, and it’s one of the ways that cats communicate with their humans.

When your cat is purring at you, it’s a sign that they’re happy and content in your company.

Purring can also be a sign of gratitude – for example, if you’ve just petted your cat and they start purring, it’s their way of saying “thank you.”

Cats also purr when they’re feeling relaxed and calm, so it’s a sound that can have many different meanings.

Next time your cat is purring at you, take it as a sign of their love and affection – and enjoy the moment!


2. Kneading

Cats are known for their independent nature, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a good cuddle session with their favorite humans.

One of the ways cats show their affection is by kneading on their people. This behavior is often seen in kittens, who will knead on their mother’s belly to stimulate milk flow.

But adult cats will also knead on their people as a sign of affection. When your cat starts kneading on you, it’s a sign that they feel comfortable and close to you.

If you’re lucky enough to have a cat that loves to knead on you, just enjoy the moment and feel loved.


3. Brings you “gifts”

Cats are one of the most loving and loyal pets you can have. They show their love for you in many ways, one of which is by bringing you “gifts”.

These “gifts” can be anything from a dead mouse to a piece of string. It may not seem like much to us, but to a cat, these are valuable items that they are sharing with you out of love.

So, the next time your cat brings you a “gift”, take a moment to appreciate the gesture and know that your cat truly loves you.


4. Headbutt

Headbutting is a sign of affection in cats. When your cat headbutts you, they are marking you as their territory and showing you that they trust and love you.

Headbutting is also a way for cats to show their affection for each other. If you see your cats headbutting each other, it’s a sign that they are close friends.


5. Stares at you and slowly blinks

Cats are often seen as aloof and independent creatures. But those who live with them know that they can be just as loving and affectionate as any other pet.

One of the ways that cats show their love is by staring at their owners and slowly blinking. This is known as a cat kiss, and it’s a sign of genuine affection.

If your cat stares at you and blinks slowly, it’s a good indication that they enjoy your company and want to be close to you.


6. Shows their belly

There’s no mistaking a cat’s love. When they show you their belly, they’re telling you that they trust you and feel comfortable around you.

It’s a sign of affection that should be cherished. Cats are notoriously independent creatures.

So when they design to show you their belly it’s a special moment. Make sure to reciprocate their trust by being gentle and loving in return.

It’s a moment you’ll both remember fondly.


7. Rubbing Against your Legs

Cats show that they love you in many ways, but one of the most common is by rubbing against your legs.

When your cat rubs against you, it is actually marking you with its scent. This is a way of claiming you as its own and showing that it cares for you.

Cats also enjoy the physical contact and the feeling of your legs against their fur.

So when your cat rubs against your legs, it is not only showing its love for you but also enjoying a good cuddle.


8. Follows you around

There’s no denying that cats make great companions. They’re independent, yet loving, and they have a way of making you feel special.

One of the ways they do this is by following you around. Sure, cats may follow you because they want food, or they might just be curious about what you’re up to.

But there’s also a good chance that they’re following you because they love you.

Cats, after all, are quite perceptive of their human companions and pick up on a lot of physical and verbal signs.

So if your cat follows you around, it’s a good sign that they enjoy your company and want to be near you.

It’s a small way of showing their love, but it’s definitely a sweet gesture that will make your day.


9. Sits beside you

Cats show that they love you by sitting beside you. They will often purr when they are near you. They may even rub their heads against you.

If you are sitting down, a cat may jump into your lap. Cats also like to sleep next to their owners.

All of these behaviors are signs that your cat enjoys your company and feels comfortable around you.


10. Grooming you

Cats groom you because they love you. It’s their way of showing affection. When they lick your skin, they’re actually tasting your natural oils and secretions.

They also use grooming as a way to mark you as their own. By scenting you with their saliva, they’re claiming you as a member of their family.

So when your cat licks you, it’s a sign of love and belonging.


Cats are generally seen as anti-social and not as loving towards their owners as dogs are.

But cats do have their own ways of showing their affection. They have different ways of showing their love than dogs do, and they are still just as much a part of the family as any other pet.

Cats can be aloof and independent, but they are still very loving towards their owners.

So the next time your cat shows you they love you, look past the independent, “I don’t need you” attitude, and see the love within. Thinking of owning a cat? Check out this article!

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