10 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Eating Cat Poop

Kitty and Golden Retriever share food. cat poop

Cat poop has one of the strongest scents in the animal kingdom, which makes it quite irresistible to dogs.

Most people don’t mind their dogs eating cat poop on occasion.

But if your pup has taken to snacking on kitty droppings more than you’d like, then it’s time to take action!

While there’s no one way to prevent your dog from eating cat poop, there are ways to discourage the behavior that is both healthy and safe for your pet.

This article will give you 10 strategies to start using today!


1) Provide your dog with plenty of exercises

When your dog is taking daily walks and getting plenty of exercise throughout the day.

It’s less likely that he’ll want to chase other animals like cats around your neighborhood.

Schedule more play time with his favorite toys, too.

Exercise makes him happy, which is another reason why he’ll be less interested in eating cat poop!

A tired dog is a good dog: If you can’t walk your pooch every day, consider buying a large tire or rubber ball that he can chase after or chew on instead.

He will love chasing it around while you relax at home or work.

The best part?

These types of toys don’t require any extra effort on your part; they do all the work for you!


2) Make sure your dog gets enough vitamins

As with humans, it’s important that dogs get all of their necessary vitamins.

But unlike us, they don’t eat like kings (and queens!) and often miss out on essential nutrients.

One of these is vitamin A, which plays a key role in maintaining healthy skin and vision, among other things.

No wonder so many dogs have runny eyes; they need more vitamin A!

The easiest way to give your dog more vitamin A is by adding carrots or sweet potatoes to his diet.

Both are rich in beta-carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A by your dog’s body.

You can also feed him liver once or twice a week—it’s another great source of vitamin A.

Make sure you don’t overdo it though—too much vitamin A can cause problems for your dog too!


3) Keep your cat litter box clean

The smell of cat poop may attract dogs, so keep your cat’s litter box as clean as possible.

Scoop it every day, and wash it once a week with soap and water.

You can also consider buying an automatic litter box for your cat so that you don’t have to bother cleaning it yourself.

There are several types on the market: either self-cleaning or ones that require cleaning by hand after each use.

Either way, keeping your cat’s litter box clean will help deter dogs from using it as their own personal toilet.


4) Consider all-natural deterrents

There are many scents that can drive your dog away from areas that it shouldn’t be, including pet-safe citrus oils and hot pepper.

To avoid accidentally burning your pup’s sensitive nose with these oils.

Consider placing them in cotton balls or spraying them onto a sheet of cardboard and placing them around your yard.

You can also try adding citronella candles or sprays to keep your furry friend at bay.

In addition, you may want to invest in an electronic fence if you have a particularly adventurous pooch who refuses to stay out of flower beds or off patios.


5) Use a doggy gate if necessary

If you have a small dog, consider investing in a doggy gate.

This way your dog can move freely around your home without access to areas of your home he shouldn’t be in.

Although installing a doggy gate may seem like an added expense.

Think about it as an investment into protecting your cat and preventing unnecessary conflicts between them.

You might also want to consider a crate for your dog when you aren’t able to supervise him.

It will keep him safe and out of trouble if he is left alone for long periods of time.


6) Watch what you feed your cat

If your dog is eating cat poop, you probably aren’t taking care of your cat’s diet.

Be sure to keep your kitty healthy and happy by feeding him quality food free of grains, corn, and other fillers that are bad for his digestive system.

Allowing him to eat small meals several times throughout the day can also help prevent constipation and upset stomachs.

Both of which often cause cats to seek relief in their litter box.


7) Provide your dog with his own set of toys

If your dog is eating cat poop because he’s lonely or bored, buy a few of his own toys and keep them near where you spend most of your time.

To train him to play with his own toys instead of chewing on someone else’s.

Put a little peanut butter or another yummy treat in one toy and let him find it.

As soon as he starts playing with that toy, praise him enthusiastically.

Repeat until he associates his new toy with good things (like praise and treats).

Then give him that toy whenever you leave home so that when you come back.

He’ll be interested in what you have for him rather than what Mr. Whiskers has left behind.


8) Don’t laugh when he does it

While it may be hard not to, you’ll have a much easier time correcting your dog if you never laugh or make a big deal out of it.

When he eats cat poop, do something else like sniffing flowers, and then praise him when he looks up at you.

If you don’t react in any way, he will stop after some time.

The same goes for other bad habits as well.

In addition, try giving him treats every time he does something good, and that way his focus will shift towards doing things that are right rather than wrong.


9) Develop a routine

It’s common for a dog who eats cat poop to do so out of boredom.

To keep your dog occupied during longer periods, give him a chew toy, hide food around your home or yard, and play games with him.

The more he has to do and concentrate on—instead of focusing on eliminating—the less likely he is to feast on his feline friend’s feces.

Another reason dogs eat cat poop is because they think it’s delicious!

Make sure you aren’t giving your dog any foods that could be considered people food.

Feeding your pet table scraps may seem harmless.

But if he likes what you’re eating, he might consider cat poop as an appetizing alternative.


10) Always praise good behavior!

Dogs learn by rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior.

Cats can be a challenge when it comes to good behavior, but they do have some.

Praise your cat every time they go potty in their litter box.

Every time! You must catch them doing something right, or you’ll never see any progress.

Once they get into their routine of making it to their box on time (which doesn’t take long), then reward them with extra attention and treats for being so good!

This will show them that going to their box is what you want them to do, and eventually they will make it there even if there isn’t a need.

This might take several weeks of consistent reinforcement before your dog starts taking notice and will start going to his own bathroom spot.

This is especially important if you are trying to train an older dog who has been pooping all over your house for years!

A lot of people don’t realize that dogs can develop certain behaviors just like humans do.

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