10 Reasons Why Gerbils Make the Best Pets

Gerbils are the cutest animals ever. They love to cuddle, play and sleep together. They cannot be separated. They make excellent pets.

Do gerbils make good pets? There are several reasons why they may not be the right pet for you, but many people love having them as companions in their homes.

Many families may think twice about getting gerbils as pets because of their small size, but what they don’t realize is how quickly they grow and how much companionship they can provide.

If you’re considering getting some pet gerbils, here are ten reasons why you should consider them instead of other types of animals that may be more traditional household pets.


Gerbils are easy to care for

Unlike a lot of animals, gerbils don’t require extensive care, upkeep, or training. All you need to do is give them their food and water, clean their cage when required, and keep them from getting bored by providing them with toys and other entertainment.

If you’re looking for an easy pet that won’t cause too much trouble around your house, gerbils are good. They’re relatively quiet (unless they get into something they shouldn’t) and they don’t smell bad like some rodents can. They also have a relatively long lifespan, living up to 10 years in captivity if cared for properly.


They’re lovable and playful

Just like hamsters, gerbils are playful and love interacting with their owners. Unlike hamsters, however, they aren’t as shy around humans. They can be very affectionate when they bond with a person, and many enjoy being petted!

Gerbils love burrowing into your clothing too – they can even be trained to use a litter box! For all these reasons (and more!) it’s clear that gerbils make great pets for families.

They’re clean: Gerbils have short fur and don’t smell bad at all. In fact, most people say they smell nice! As long as you keep their cage clean, you won’t have any problems with odors or messes.

And while they do shed once in a while, it isn’t much different from what cats or dogs do. In fact, some people think gerbil fur is softer than other pets!


They’re social creatures

Although there may be occasional squabbles between them, gerbils like to be in large social groups. This makes them friendly and less prone to biting. They live for about three years: The average life expectancy of a gerbil is about three years, which is longer than that of most rodents.

They enjoy exploring: Gerbils are known for their adventurous nature. They love to run around, dig and explore their environment. They’re easy to care for: It’s easy to make sure your pet gerbil has everything it needs with just one cage, a wheel, and some food.

They don’t smell bad: Some pets can have an unpleasant odor, but not gerbils! Their fur has an earthy scent that actually smells quite nice.

Check out fun facts about gerbils.


They can be handled

Unlike many other small animals, gerbils can be picked up and held by their owners—after all, they aren’t much bigger than your hand. If you want to interact with your pet or cuddle it in bed, a gerbil is a great option.

However, remember that if you get two gerbils together they may breed and create more pets for you! They don’t smell: Gerbils do not have an odor like some of their rodent cousins. This makes them ideal for homes where someone has allergies or sensitivities to strong smells.

Even when a gerbil needs cleaning, its fur doesn’t hold on to unpleasant odors as some animals do.


They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and coat types

One of the best parts about gerbils is their incredible diversity. There are a wide variety of colors, sizes, and coat types available—you’re sure to find one that looks just like your last cat! You can even choose between dwarf or full-sized gerbils, depending on how much space you have for a pet.

And with so many breeds out there, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get bored! They’re low maintenance: While some people may think owning a gerbil requires lots of time and money, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Gerbils are incredibly low-maintenance pets; they don’t need baths, they don’t require walks outside (they live naturally in burrows), and they don’t eat very much at all. They also don’t need any fancy toys or equipment—just food, water, and bedding will do!


Gerbils are relatively low-maintenance pets

They don’t require a lot of extra supplies or attention, but they are still relatively fun to have around. After getting my own gerbil as a pet, I’ve learned quite a bit about them. 


The more you know about your pet, the more you enjoy them

To make sure you can provide your new pet with a happy and healthy life, it’s important to know all about them. And luckily, there’s plenty of information out there! 

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure whether or not a gerbil would be right for you yet—after going through these reasons, we promise that they will definitely be on your radar!


They don’t bite as hamsters or mice do

Those little buck teeth on rodents can do some serious damage. It’s better to go with a rodent-like gerbil that won’t bite when handled. Your fingers will thank you! They don’t smell: Gerbils have very clean habits and typically only need a bath once or twice per month, which is much less than other small pets.

Plus, they don’t make any noise, so they don’t wake you up at night if they need to go potty. You can hold them in your hand: Most pet stores sell harnesses for small animals, making it easy to carry them around without worrying about dropping them.

The best part? You can even pick them up and hold them in your hand while you play with them! They’re easy to take care of: One of the best things about having a gerbil as a pet is how easy it is to take care of one.


Gerbils don’t smell like fish (they have their own unique scent!)

One of my neighbors kept gerbils when I was growing up, and their cage always had a strong odor that I just couldn’t identify. Years later, after learning about gerbil care, I discovered that it wasn’t their cage that smelled fishy—it was them!

Gerbils have an unusual scent because they consume so much sand—that’s what gives them most of their moisture. (Wash your hands thoroughly after handling these animals.) So don’t worry: Your house won’t smell like a bait shop if you choose to bring home one of these small rodents.


You can safely take them outside (carefully!) if needed

It’s pretty easy to take care of gerbils. They are clean, easy to manage, and will stay inside a cage when you don’t want them to leave their home. This means that you can keep your pet outside for a little bit if needed (you should never leave it unattended).

However, remember that you need to protect your gerbil from any predators like birds or cats. If you want to take your pet outside, place it in a hamster cage first! You can feed them with fresh vegetables.: You might think that gerbils only eat seeds and nuts, but they actually love fresh fruits and vegetables too.

Just make sure to wash everything thoroughly before feeding it to your pets so they won’t get sick. You can also offer them some lettuce leaves or carrot slices as treats!

Gerbils have different personalities: Some people say that gerbils look all alike, but there is actually a wide range of different personalities among these small animals.

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